Hang Upside Down

Whether you use the Teeters hang upside down chair or you literally hang your head off the side of the bed, this can create a blood boost for the scalp which stimulates new growth and healthier follicles. I even massage my scalp while inverted. If you do invert, it's also great for the vertebrae (double benefit).


Try It On Your Hair

Aztec Clay is a miracle product with many different application uses. Some people use it in the bath, some use it as a face mask. My obsession is using this product on dry hair at the root. I find this gives my hair a thicker, more pliable feel. It's also proven to be a natural cleanser soaking up unwanted oils and toxins from the follicle. It's a bit messy but give it a try! Apply to dry hair at the root at least 20 mins prior to the shower using a make up (blush) brush .



Renessence Follicle Forever shampoo and conditioner were developed and formulated by doctor Greg Brown. This gentle cleaner will leave the follicles feeling clean but not stripped. Both the shampoo and conditioner were built with hair health in mind, using molecular technology proprietary to the brand. The Follicle Forever serum is amazing for any density issues. If the hair is thinning throughout or at the hairline or crown, this preventive product will resurrect dormant follicles that haven't left the party yet.


Hair Oil

A great hair oil can go a long way. Find yourself an organic one that you like and watch the hair drink it up and be happy. For those who are afraid or have bad experiences with oils, my advice is to apply them as a pre-wash. This way you will receive many of the vitamins and minerals delivered while it is applied, but then you can wash the oil out your hair which gets you back to the texture you know. There will also be a little added shine and silkiness!



Mason Pearson is a London Based hairbrush company. I prefer the mix bristle, either pocket sized or regular. This brush will set you back a few bucks, however, it is totally worth the investment and will last you years. The tip here is dry brushing. I do this typically morning and night over the sink to monitor fallen hair follicles. We on average lose 100 follicles a day so don't be concerned when you see lots of hair in the sink, this is a natural process and the scalp is constantly regrowing new follicles. The objective here is to stimulate and clean the scalp distributing the body's natural oils.


Scalp Massage

Nothing new here BUT... done properly this can be the biggest and least expensive tip of them all! The number one rule of massaging the scalp properly is to not hear follicles grinding. You actually want to be moving the scalp forward and backwards and side to side for about five to ten minutes a day. Be sure to thoroughly grip the scalp with your fingertips and this will increase blood circulation and strengthen the follicle at the root.

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