Taking Care of Mother Earth

As a inhabitant of this planet I believe the footprints of our individual choices is something that should be approached consciously and thoughtfully.

I consider our communities as if we are roommates whom you would want to be clean and thoughtful. I really look at litter in particular and consider what “the person” who actually did the littering, what must this person be like to live with.

Global warming or not, littering should be considered universally disgusting.

The issue of waste is a large one. Even as adults most people do not even know where their trash eventually goes. I think we can look, with thoughtfulness, at our own consumption and waste as an individual and consider how best it could be broken down. We can all be living alongside nature in a more harmonious way.

Trash for me is real challenge and for years I did nothing. The first time I picked up trash... I honestly enjoyed it. Yes I enjoyed picking up trash. I played the Beatles and just spent a few hours going around different spots in Williamsburg NYC ending up with bags along the east river Brooklyn side. I would sometimes have to carry these giants bags filled with usually plastic soda and water bottles I would have to carry them blocks and blocks to find a place to dispose of them properly.

I began picking up trash every Sunday for two years. Doing this made me feel better and it's been more rewarding than any private plane I have flown on. I understand picking up litter is not everybody’s issue but, if we all contributed in someway thoughtfully, it would be another win for Mother Nature.

We do not have another planet to run to! Mars is good and all but we are far from that happening.

So I believe it’s easy and fun to take care of our Mother Earth and work towards balance to continue enjoying the beauty that is nature.

Los Angeles, California