oribe haircutI was thrilled that Three Squares Studio had become such a staple for locals! We were featured in dozens of publications such as New York Post Page Six, W Magazine, GQ Magazine, and the New Yorker just to name a few. Donning our custom cutting capes, we set out to keep our global clientele happy featuring the largest mirrors you could purchase on earth suspended from the ceiling, and a fifteen foot bookshelf with every editorial book imaginable.

In 2011, I collaborated with Nike releasing a color way with Stefan Janoskis signature shoe.  That same year I aslo became a partner with Dr. Greg Brown of Revive Skin Care. This partnership developed Renessence Hair Care System which uses molecular technology to address Hair health issues.

By 2017 I had launched my first product line - S.OIL. The concept behind this product is hair health which became personal to me as I have experienced first hand the impact of hair loss. This is what started my journey to becoming a hair health expert. S.OIL is a organic serum+Oil hybrid product and nothing is more topically beneficial for hair than OIL. I knew the market was lacking in a luxury organic hair oil since I had been using oil myself for many years. So I decided to seek a chemist who could develop such a product that was light weight, pleasant, and monumental for the health of hair. I also made sure that it would be good for all hair types, not just a certain type of hair.

I have worked with thousands of clients throughout my career - from bartenders to CEO's. I have seen the impact that hair health has on people's lives. It is universal for all, no matter the age or gender.  I've offered suggestions for the those struggling with hair problems. Seeing the positive results of my suggestions, the outcome of trying new things is absolutely wonderful. So in order to combat this issue, I have written a book, The Hairdresser's Handbook: Here To Tell You What Nobody Told Me.  I will also be taking my message for hair health on the road, speaking with hair students all across the country. I want to help them as they enter the professional field of hairdressing by showing them how they can help their clients with hair health issues, along with how to offer great haircuts with a great experience. 

Los Angeles, California